Oh No Robot added to ROCR

In my continuing bid to stay abreast of every technological fadmake my archives as accessible as they could possibly be, I’ve added Oh No, Robot to the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan web pages. Oh No Robot allows readers to transcribe webcomics, making them more searchable. I’ll hold off on adding the search box to the front page until some more comics have been transcribed; the buttons to allow you (and myself) to do that are on each of the individual archive pages.
A few comments:
Although I know the makers of Oh No, Robot are working on ways to make their system work with Webcomicsnation-style archives, the service is definitely biased in favor of one-episode-a-page archiving, so using this will discourage cartoonists from using other archiving approaches.
Also, I could only associate myself with one comic. I was going to just dip my toe in by testing the system on Christmas at Blocksberg but apart from that archiving bias, it also would associate me with that comic, and that comic only. I’ll leave the decision to Robotize Blocksberg and other Chronicles of the Witch Queen comics to Geir and Daniel.
Also annoying, especially in the light of that one-author-one-comic approach, is that the Search Engine lists Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan as "Reinder Dijkhuis" and there’s no obvious way for me to change that. This is clunky to say the least.
On the plus side, if anyone has a transcription for the entire archives lying around on their hard drive, I hear they can contact the Robot team to have it imported. Anyone? ANYONE?