COTWQ: The home stretch

We’re in the final few days for Christmas at Blocksberg, which will finish on Christmas day. So far, we’ve seen the disappearance of three different Santas and their imminent elimination by an infernal machine called the Nickswhiskersnipper.

I’ve taken out an ad for the comic on The Webcomic List in the hope of getting the comic into the Webcomicsnation Top 25 for the final few days. Originally, my plan was for the Tooncast on the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan home page to take care of that, but it doesn’t look like the pageviews from that are getting counted. It’s still a good way to give a short-running story some more exposure though. As for the ad, the Webcomicsnation system doesn’t allow me to track it, but a real change in the visitor numbers will be easily visible. If I decide the ad works well enough, I will have some more made for the future series.

Next up in January: Alcydia, the story of a kidnap and diplomatic incident in Iceland. Sound familiar? There may be some delays before we start running it as Geir and I are both still swamped and Daniel is spending December in France without internet access. I’ll run some more Odds and Ends to fill in. When Alcydia finally starts running it’ll keep us in regular updates until March, and one of the things Daniel is working on is a sequel that will see us through another month. And there are two other special projects coming up on the site…