[COTWQ] Delays

I’ve been very quiet here lately because I’ve been too busy even to complain about how busy I was. My work for Hello You! in particular has been unexpectedly difficult this month.

As a result, there’ll be delays. Dunno about the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story following The Green Knight’s Belt yet – that one may be delayed by a few days. What I do know is that the next Chronicles of the Witch Queen projects will have to be delayed by a month. The work involved (editing work by Daniel and Geir and remastering old work by myself) was easy to do while I wasn’t drawing any new webcomics myself, but now that I’m back to doing new art, I can’t fit it in anymore. So I’ll wait until that ROCR story, Headsmen, is in the bag and I’m back to serialising old work at rocr.net, and then concentrate on preparing those Witch Queen serials again. I expect to be able to do the work starting the middle of January, so I’m reasonably sure serialisation in February is doable.

I’ve got New Years’ resolutions, plans and targets for the next year, but I’ll hold off on writing about them until tomorrow.