Sony Rootkit update

Perfect Porridge has a few words to say on the Sony Rootkit settlement. Seems that after selling their customers spyware-infested "CDs", offering a "removal solution" that forced users to jump through hoops to get control of their PCs back and in the end made things worse, and finally being forced to replace the defective products and compensate users, they have found a way to further compound the annoyance they’ve caused:

Remember in late 2005 when Sony put out CDs that contained malicious rootkit spyware that infiltrated their “paying” customers’ computers and left huge gaping holes for hackers?

Remember how the patch they issued actually opened up larger holes? And then remember that the final patch actually used stolen copyrighted code, no less?

Well, we’re sorry to say, we fell victim to the Sony scam. And over the past 230 days (as of today, 6/20/06), we’ve had more than 20 back and forth e-mails with Sony Customer Service, more than 4 hours logged on the phone and still have not had our case settled.

Throughout the course of this, we actually saved other Sony customers many headaches. We single-handedly discovered the toll-free customer support line number on their DRM Web site was disconnected. We single-handedly pointed out they weren’t mailing the list of available settlement albums to customers who wanted to use iTunes (not the SonyCONNECT service, which they strongly push- like we’ll ever use Sony again, right). We also persisted where many would give up, as countless CSRs transferred us around the country – treating us like we were inconveniencing them.