Dangerous and Fluffy back, now on Webcomicsnation, plus Planet Karen.

Dangerous and Fluffy, the Sheep of Doom, by Adam Cuerden, Jeroen Jager and Timmerryn "Rahball" Brand, has returned to the web after a long absense. This strange rustic comedy about a farm boy with superpowers never got the readership it deserved while it was still posted as a subscription comic on Graphic Smash; I hope it fares better on this second outing as a free comic on Webcomicsnation.

I’d like to note in passing that Planet Karen is pretty cute. Actually, saying that it’s cute doesn’t do it justice, but she’s advertising on ROCR.net right now, and I want to avoid a conflict of interest, or even the appearance thereof, so "Cute"; is all artist and main character Karen is going to get right now. Doing it justice will have to wait.