Reinder is not one to blow is own horn, especially if the horn is a rickety old electric guitar and it has been a while since he played it. But with the coming of Sellaband many a band that had previously given up hope of ever being discovered give it another go.

Sellaband is a project where bands can present themselves and ordinary Joe Schmoe can buy shares in order to finance the recording of an album. The first few thousand dollars can be accumulated by spamming friends and family-members, but to get to the magic $ 50.000 mark you have to get some real backing by a wide audience. The first band to achieve this, Dutch Goth metal band Nemesea is about to hit the recording studio.
It is an interesting concept, and certainly a child of the times. It seemse only fair that the public gets the idea it can be part of the music industry, as said industry seems to be increasingly estranged from the public. There are bands to be discovered in all genres and different levels of quality. Personally I’m rooting for Dan.e’s band Radius, and will buy my share as soon as my bank balance will allow it. I like the way it allows you to show your support to a band, and it’s risk free. If the band doesn’t make the 50k you can get your money back, and if they succeed, you’ll at least get the album.
I’m not sure though I like the current development of everyone and their tape recorder-toting dog creating a Sellaband-account and sit back and wait to be discovered. A little self-criticism goes a long way and I for one wouldn’t mind seeing the project a little less clogged with bands that lack basic musical quality and just seem to be hoping to be hyped into a record deal. Or, in the case of The Hooded Crow, blowing the dust of old tapes. I’m not sure Reinder is aware THC is even on Sellaband, so please read this as a general critique and not pointed at individuals (least of all Reinder). I do not see much point in using Sellaband to promote a band that hasn’t been around for a decade, fun though it may be to listen to their music.
Though I’m thankful for the band pictures…

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  1. Jesus Christ!

    No, I didn’t know that stuff was on Sellaband, and I don’t think it should be. Though seeing that hair makes me feel less bad about going bald, I guess…

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