WCCA 2007

For all the criticism the Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards for 2007 have received (admittedly, I could write that opening line about each previous edition of the awards), they do reflect a trend in webcomics towards more technically sophisticated material. In particular, the artistic standards of the nominated comics have been higher than ever this year.

The awards ceremony itself, which is in comics form, goes on for far too long, though. If there’s one piece of advice I’d presume to give the organising committee, it’s "fewer awards categories, please, pretty please for the love of kittens". It’s not fair to the nominees, winners, and ceremony creators down the bottom of the list, like – well, that’s my point, really. Reading the ceremony late at night, I basically skimmed through the last five or six I read, and then skipped the last however many there are. Even for the last few I did "read" I have no idea who the artists involved were.

Pare it down to something that can be read in a single sitting… or serialise it.

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