Captain Occam

Adam pointed me to Jonathan Kane‘s comics on DeviantArt. They’re rather poorly drawn, but funny as hell. His superhero, Captain Occam, fights creationists wielding PRATT lists (meaning Points Refuted A Thousand Times) with his mighty razor. It’s got lovely quotable lines like Bill was training the Tyrannosaurus to eat plants, but he didn’t do a good enough job and generally mocks fraudsters like Kent Hovind, as well as their deluded fellow travelers. I especially liked his Deinonychos telling a Deinonychan myth about bird flight to help out the Captain, who had commandeered a vehicle that ran on bullshit.
DeviantARt isn’t an ideal interface for serialising comics, so I’ll list the episodes so far here.
Captain Occam versus the Prattmasters
The Prattmaster, ep. 2
The Prattmaster, ep.3
Dinosaur Adventure Land
Reverend Zedekiah EDIT: Replaced it with a better link, as the old one didn’t work. -Adam
The Origin of Flight.
You’ll need to click on the images to enlarge them, and in one or two cases that won’t work and you’ll have to click on “Download” instead. And there are people who say Livejournal is a poor comic hosting choice…

Of course, Captain Occam can’t really compete with Dresden Codak, but honestly, what can?