Tuesday Workday (so far)

Today was the opposite of yesterday: I spent the day feeling sleepy and out of it, but ended up at six with a difficult half of a page mostly tight-penciled. It’s likely that I’ll get it inked tonight.

I went to bed at 11-ish yesterday, which taking into account the switch to Daylight Savings Time is three hours earlier than my bedtime last Saturday evening. Didn’t stop me from feeling sleepy well into the day. Got up at 8, made it to work before 10, didn’t properly get started until noon. Luckily for me, part of the work for today involved looking up pictures of objects on Google Images, because I didn’t have a folding beach chair on me, and the work crew fixing up the outdoor pool below the studio for the summer haven’t started on the pool ladders yet, the bastards. Then I sketched panel actions in my sketchbook, so I knew how much space everything would take. Then I went outside with the Improvised Backing Board to rough-pencil the page itself. At some point while working on that I lost track of time again, because when I came back in to have another look at those pool ladders, it was three PM. Well, better for that to happen while I’m doing actual work, I guess.

After all that ground work, tightening up the pencils and filling in the details was actually easy, and most of that was done in an hour and a half, while still feeling sleepy.

It’s now ten minutes to eight in the evening, it’s getting dark, and I’m waking up. Slowly, but surely, I’m becoming more alert. I think this goes a little beyond adjusting to Daylight Savings Time, though Jeroen did mention that he and people he knew were affected by that.