Take Pharyngula to number one!

Sure, I’ll help Pharyngula become the number one Minnesota blog, no problem. It’s one of my favorite blogs, covering atheism, evolutionary biology, adorable cephalopods and lately, the thorny subject of how to talk about science (he’s in favour of the revolutionary approach of letting scientists be scientists). There’s the occasional bit of Internet drama, which also helps, and Professor Myers has got a good sense of humour and pulls no punches. Go read it. You will enjoy it. I ORDER you to enjoy it.

In the latest blog redesign, I ended up declaring "to hell with the blogroll day", but I still follow all the blogs that used to be on the published blogroll, and more. Never mind. I just about qualify as a Z-list blogger by default, because there aren’t any more letters in the alphabet unless you start using the Scandinavian alphabet, in which case I’d be an æ-list blogger by default. And anyway, I like linking inside a post better.