Action Figure Graveyard

DFG pointed me to Action Figure Graveyard, a wonderful surrealistic, science-and mythology-literate comic drawn in a loose, lively art style. The archive has only 34 comics, but each of them is a full-colour, full-page bundle of awesomeness and glee.

I’d also put up the makers, House and Greer, for a webdesign award, because their clean, uncluttered design with just one persistent mindfuck in it – the back to front navigation buttons – is a work of evil genius in its own right.

I’d particularly recommend it for fans of Dresden Codak and XKCD, even though it doesn’t really resemble those comics at all. It just hits the nerd buttons in the same way.

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  1. I noticed we have been recieving an increase in traffic since you posted a link to our comic. Josh will be uploading our most recent comic late tomorrow night. I will see if we can’t throw up a links page for you and a few others who have begun spreading the word. Thank you, and e-mail me if you have any questions.

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