Human Nature – slight spoilers

Whew! Edge of my seat. Great stuff, nearly perfect with only a few moments of stupid to mar it – all of them to do with Martha Jones, unfortunately. Well, one of them was to do with the writers hitting us over the head with her infatuation for the Doctor, and the other was with her acting out of character. Martha Jones is supposed to be this ultra-competent companion, and in this episode, she’s shown to be obsessed with the Doctor’s pre-recorded instructions to her. Even after the loss of the watch, I found it difficult to believe she’d panic like she did. Now that I mention it, even that doesn’t seem all that bad.

So just for once, my gripes are very minor. Doctor Who can still be good! Wonderful acting from David Tennant as "John Smith" as well. I can’t wait for next week’s conclusion of this two-parter.

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  1. Hullo,
    I love your comic, I wandered in as part of the squirrel wars influx, and have been hooked ever since!

    But I have to point something out about the latest Doctor Who episode, being a bit of a fan.
    Human nature infuriated the life out of me, and probably a good number of Who fans, as it’s simply a rehash of an old 7th Dr book.
    They lifted entire scenes!

    In fact, the book was up at the Beeb’s classic Who site for people to read for free a while ago.
    I don’t know if it’s still up now.

    (Has just checked the site)

    Yes, the picture for the book is still up, but they’ve disabled the link, and posted a notice about it being back up in a few weeks.

    Sorry if I seem to have jumped out of nowhere with a little rant…the writing for this series has been terrible, with all credit going to Freema Agyeman, and David Tennant for making the series work.

  2. Er… I thought it was common knowledge that Human Nature, scripted by Paul Cornell, was an adaptation of the novel Human Nature, by Paul Cornell. No rip-off is involved, and I’d much rather have good writing based on older material (see the Series 1 episode “Dalek” as well, another of my favourites) than a new and fresh episode scripted by Chris Chibnall.

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