Translation job-hunting linklog

Today, I’m looking for vacancies in the translation and editing fields. To help me remember what I’ve been checking out, I’ll be keeping a log of sites I’ve visited and what I’ve done with the information I’ve found.

I’ll be doing this more often, I hope. Last week, I finally did what I’ve been telling myself and others I’d be doing for a year or so, and signed up with the Centrum voor Werk en Inkomen and applied for income support. One condition for getting income support is that you actively look for work, meaning that on average, you send at least one job application per week. I don’t find this all that onerous and fully intend to send more than that. I rather like the idea of earning money, I have plans for my life that I can’t pay for with just a handout for the government, and I’ve even, over the past year, made my peace with working for a boss again. I’ve been a struggling sole proprietor for over six years, and while I haven’t exactly been a starving artist, I’ve had to give up quite a lot to be able to do that. I’m a bit fed up with that, so it’s time for a change. Assimilation into the System, here I come, and I for one welcome any corporate overlords willing to exploit me for financial profit.

But to keep myself on the ball, it’s probably a good idea for me to not just report to the relevant bureaucratic institutions whenever they want me to, but to report to the readership of the webcomic and weblog as well. Just so that, should I find myself slacking, there’s an audience of several hundred people willing to kick my ass. Have I ever told you people I like it when people kick my ass? Maybe I should look for a position as a professional submissive.
Also, my memory isn’t all that good, so it’s a good idea for me to write down both what I intend to do and what I’ve actually done (I actually have difficulty separating the two, which explains a lot about me) as the intention occurs or the action takes place, respectively.

So here goes, below the cut:

One of my studio-mates left me an ad clipped from a newspaper, for Vertaalbureau Bothof (link bypasses a rather ghastly Flash intro page at their homepage) in, as it turns out, Nijmegen. Unfortunately, their Vacancies page doesn’t seem to be working right now. Status: Check it later, from a different location. If it still doesn’t work by then, forget about it.

This vacancy at Wordhouse in Amsterdam is promising. It’s exactly the sort of work I want to do. I was a bit taken aback, though, by the requirement to send in test translations with the application. The last time I applied for a similar job, I didn’t have to do a test until after the interview. This puts less of a burden on the applicant, results in a smaller slushpile for the recipient and is more secure against plagiarised tests. However, on second thought, I can make his requirement work for me. Good though the vacancy is, I’d probably have to move to Amsterdam to get it; I won’t rule that out, but right now, I’m not keen on the idea. Also, I could use some practice after several years out of the translation game. Therefore:
Status / to do: Do the tests anyway, and send them in even if I’m not happy with the result. Time the work. Generally, do any test translations I can find even if I don’t intend to respond to the vacancy.

I took a look at the website of the European Personnel Selection Office, to see if the EU needed translators. It turns out they do competitive exams every three years or so, so I’ll just have to wait until one of those is announced for English-to-Dutch translators. There doesn’t seem to be an RSS feed for such announcements, so I’ll just have to keep my eyes open in case they show up in the papers or on this webpage. It’s a long shot anyway. Status: nothing to do right now except maybe do one of their sample tests.

Overtaal has a vacancy. Status: Drop them an application and resume. They’re also looking for freelancers.

Wapa Translations aren’t looking for anyone in particular, but it can’t hurt to drop them a line.

Global Textware in my own home town is looking for freelancers but also has a vacancy for an in-house software translator. Status: This one should be first in the queue.

That’s it for today. I’ll be working on my template application letter today, and sending out the first one tomorrow. If not, I’ll let you know and you can kick my ass.