Weekly groceries around the world

Update: The original photo-essay this was from is here
(Hat tip Sara Robinson via Amanda Marcotte).
Families from around the world, posing in or around their homes, surrounded by their weekly groceries. Prices of the weekly food intakes mentions under the pictures.

Quite a contrast. Perhaps surprisingly, the German family spends the most, though a lot of what they spend their budget on is beer, which is perhaps not so surprising.

This seems to have been going around in an email, but I missed it. I recall there having been a book of family homes around the world, that I kind of regret not buying at the time. In any case, these pics are likely to be part of a much larger series.

On a semi-related note, this year I’m thankful I don’t have to celebrate Thanksgiving, which frankly sounds like a bit of a drag for me, not to mention a stressfest if you’re the one stuck with having to prepare that dinner everyone’s going to be stuffing themselves with.