ROCR character art for sale on Comicspace

I’ve added 11 character drawings made in preparation for Feral to my Comicspace galleries and put price tags on them. These were some of my most popular postings on my DeviantArt space at the time. Prices range from $ 15 to $ 30, with shipping free if you also buy an original from the Feral or Invasion gallery. Sorry, the Devil originals are sold out. All originals will come with a print of the finished digital artwork as published.

One thing that’s different about this new gallery is that it contains no NSFW images, and so can be seen by all visitors even if they don’t have a ComicSpace account. With the other ones, I probably lost business as a result of the galleries being blocked to visitors who weren’t logged in to Comicspace. I would encourage everyone who wants to buy one of my images from the older galleries to sign up; it’s easy, free and painless, your data will not be sold or given away, and it’ll allow you, if you want, to boost my profile within Comicspace by adding me to your friends list and marking the galleries as your favorites.

However, I’m looking into ways to host the sale of art on my own server, which should resolve the problem of people being blocked from seeing the images for good.