Taking over on Feral again.

Aggie’s facing a huge workload, and my schedule has stabilised a lot. I’m drawing two pages of Invasion a week even though that’s set after the end of Feral. So we’ve decided that it’s time for me to get back to drawing it myself, all the way to the finish, starting with the next update. The next update will be on Monday, August 18, because we’ve been unable to get the update done this weekend.

I’ll run some filler though… even if it’s just a re-run of an old story. There must be something I haven’t dug up yet from the old galleries. Sorry.

Not everyone liked Aggie’s work. I enjoyed her take on the story a great deal, and learned a lot from the six months she worked on it. Especially when it came to tightening up the scripts. I think you will see that reflected in the new pages I’ll be drawing.