The one-year rule is all wet, part II

More proof that “If you haven’t used it in a year, throw it out” would be a very bad rule for me to follow in my decluttering efforts: three albums that are in heavy rotation at home right now are Klaar by Doe Maar, and The Dream Society and An Introduction by Roy Harper. I hadn’t listened to any of those albums in five or six years, maybe longer. I particularly enjoy The Dream Society a lot more than I did when I bought it. Of course, they are all in heavy rotation in my iTunes playlist, so I don’t technically need the CD’s anymore.

Meanwhile, I gave away a good A4 scanner that I was still using until a month or so ago, because I now have the big scanner at home. My Epson Photo Perfection 1660 served me well for years and in fact offers higher optical resolution than the A3 scanner, but the A3 scanner is what I actually use. I don’t miss the 1660, in fact I rather enjoy looking at the empty spot on my desk where it used to stand.

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