On pencil art and time savings

Using uninked pencil art, like I’ve done on Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan for the past three weeks and on American Gothic before that, saves me some time, but not as much as you would think. The time savings don’t come from skipping the inking and colouring phases – all the effort that used to go into inking and colouring (keeping in mind that DFG has been doing the colour flats on my comics for almost two years now) now go into the final pencil line art and the grey pencil tones.

The time savings that I do get come from a) simplifying the process so there is no longer a separate Photoshop colouring stage after I get the colour flats back from DFG, and b) the elimination of wet media accidents, which I’m very prone to. The comic creation process still takes a whole afternoon even if I cut corners in drawing backgrounds – a page full of close-ups is easier for me to do than one with lots of scenery or action, so that’s the sort of pages I’ve been drawing. I am very envious of Aggie’s ability to just knock out an American Gothic page in a few hours.

Last long weekend (a local holiday), I didn’t get two pages of Feral done so there’s still no buffer. The buffer for Invasion is running out already. Next weekend, I may end up not having an afternoon of uninterrupted drawing time. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride, and it’s only three weeks into my resumption of art duties on Feral.

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