Hyperinflation II – The hoarder

Top hat, spats, blunderbuss, but no pince-nez
Second in the Hyperinflation sequence, and a sequel to Hyperinflation .
I’ve been a fan of the Uncle Scrooge comics since I was a child… so this drawing was a lot of fun to do. The top hat, spats and blunderbuss have, to me, at least, iconic qualities.

To a lot of people, holding on to what they’ve got will become a very high priority, and yes, some will take it this far.

I really enjoy drawing with pencils now… and these larger images are more satisfying to do than the little boxes in which a comic takes place. Some progress is being made on the comics, but it’s very very slow because I’m more motivated to do these.

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  1. So love.. you gonna do soup kitchen lines next? We already have tent cities now- except this time, these people have jobs and money… they just don’t have homes. I suspect people who have apartments to rent have waiting lists in these cities that have the tent city phenomenon.

    You know what stinks about hoarding? Stories of Katrina. The affluent white neighborhoods got power first, they paid for armed security guards and they were never forced to evacuate by police. Most of them had generators and gasoline and refused to help their poorer neighbors. Escape routes were funneled through other neighborhoods, even though these roads and routes were fine. They were left clear so that these people could continue on without inconvenience.

    Hoarding is actually part of the economic problem we have right now. Banks who do have money are not willing to lend it out because they can’t tell who is a good risk and who isn’t.

  2. I’ve thought about soup kitchens, yeah. Dunno.. I need to make them iconic. Though a line of fluffy nude women in front of a soup kitchen (known in England as a dossers’ soup line) would be eye-catching to say the least.

    Soup kitchens had made a come-back in the Netherlands long before the current crisis came to a head. As the majority were living it up in the last two economic booms, someone forgot about the bottom group that couldn’t make it.

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