The state of the comic

Preview of a page from Invasion

Preview of a page from Invasion

The two pages from Invasion above (not shown on some feeds) are all I have to show for myself in terms of new comics work over the past few weeks. My motivation to do comics has been down a bit, in favour of individual illustrations and living my life, but at least with these pages that are already scripted all the way to the end, it’s easier to snatch some time here and there to execute what’s already planned. I don’t know if there’ll be any more ROCR after Invasion and Feral are both finished.

There were some plans for Aggie and me to work on the next episode of Feral together while I was with her last week, but we didn’t get around to working on our art much at all. The week just flew by. It would have been convenient, because the page in question as it floats around in my head involves horses, which I’m kind of wary of drawing. But it’ll be a while before we get around to it now. I think I’ll just wrap up Invasion first. It’ll all be in the right order in the archives anyway.

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