What NaNoWriMo does to me

NaNoWriMo has turned out to be very very addictive. I wrote over 4000 words today, and wrote more than 2000 words on all days after the first day, when I decided late at night that I would give it a shot. At last I have something I can really focus on again!

It’s affecting my day job too. At work, I crank out words for a living, and knowing that I can crank the mout much, much faster than I’ve done so far is very motivational.

It’s not so good for my physical fitness as I’m skipping gym time to work on it. It’s also costing me sleep.

I am learning a lot about my strengths and weakness as a writer. The tone and humour of my work in progress are derivative, and I need to work on description and characterization – one of which I never needed to learn for my comics as I could draw what I needed, and the other I didn’t always have as much space for in the panels as I now have in prose writing.

Drivel-in-progress is posted daily on my DeviantArt site. It’s bad – it’s a first draft that I’m cranking out in my spare time, working from a comic script that I never finished. But I hope it’s bad in interesting and illuminating ways, and that by the time I’m done, I’ll know what I need to know in order to make the second draft work properly as a novel.