Two must-read articles

Andrew Sullivan on why Sarah Palin still matters. Because somebody needs to be held to account for selecting the worst vice-presidential candidate in history. (via Lawyers, Guns and Money)

Michael Lewis on the End of Wall Street’s Boom. This long article by Michael Lewis, writer of Liar’s Poker is financial porn: It explains in lurid detail just how complex some of the financial instruments used on Wall Street are, and just how poorly the financiers themselves understood them. You’ll be amused and outraged at the same time. (via Naked Capitalism, but I can’t find the link anymore)

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  1. I still have to agree with my best friend OrangePop– McCain was up there blinking his eyes like a prisoner of war when they get filmed by their captors.

    It was an SOS call: “help me, the GOP made me do it.”

    Rapid blinking is also the sign of a lair. He knew he was faking it.

    O.P. and I have also been theorizing that he knew all along he was going to lose, that he was helping throw it, and that his many years of being crapped on by the religious right because he was a moderate Republican was the cause. He picked Palin on purpose, knowing it would thrill the ignorant voter base, but help them all lose.

    It doesn’t take a lot of smarts to figure out the potential electoral vote. Never during the lead up to the elections did EITHER party let it slip how the electoral vote might go. Obama wasn’t going to show it because then his side would appear smug. McCain didn’t want to show it because then it made his party appear weak and it would just drive more to the ballot box.

    The simple explanation is that McCain WANTED to lose.

  2. Palin made the perfect Poppinjay, she was the clotheshorse that couldnt stop breying like an ass. She lacked subtlety, and for me to point that out is a powerful statement indeed.

    She represented the most extreme version of the Christian Supremacist, who are often erroneously referred to as Christian Fundamentalists or Evangelicals {unfair to anyone who might fall into that category technically without being an ass}.

    So Palin was the perfect Pick. Her “pious” visage forced the American people to look at the religious extremists in their midst and actually consider whether their presence was helping or harming our nation, economically, through our international credibility {when we had some}, as well as militarily.

    She is also the poster-Candidate for right wing anti-intellectualism and brain Dead Jingoism.

  3. Actually, you can rule out the “he threw the election deliberately theory” – McCain caught more of the evangelical vote both as a percentage and as an absolute number than Bush did in 2004. Palin caused his centrist voter base to flee, though (note: I do not believe that McCain himself is a centrist – rather he’s a conservative who happens to be luke-warm on the conservative hot-button issues of today. However, he used to appeal to self-identified centrist voters).

    Andrew Sullivan, who wrote the blog entry I linked to in my post, is a good example of the kind of voter Palin alienated. He’d come on the blogging scene as an out and out right-winger, but has moved away from that in recent years. The choice of Palin as a candidate VP offended him deeply and now he’s out for the blood of those who made that choice. More power to him for that.

  4. Reinder,

    McCain won more of that Goose Stepping Vote because there were no other choices. For once the Republicans were standing in shoes that the Democratic Party had been wearing the last 2 elections.

    The favored, more religious Canidates were just not known to the rest of the country, even though they had a more solid standing in the Religious Ideology of the Wingnuts. [short for Right Wing Nuts]. Ron Paul is associated with the Patriot Party {Christian Identity} as was Huckabee, and others.

    McCain wouldnt have gotten that Wingnut Vote in those numbers if he hadnt chosen Palin. Even James Dobson made it clear that while he wouldnt oppose McCain, that he wouldnt vote for him either, early on after the RNC Nomination. But after McCain chose Palin, she won over lots of voters who might have otherwise split the ticket penciling in Ron Paul or even Huckabee.

    The Wing Nuts never quite forgave or forgot McCain’s Platform in 99. They were very distrustful of him, he was very aggressively critical of the Wingnut ideology that had hijacked his party–and made that painfully clear in VA in 99, just before Pat Robertson and Ralph Reed and others, dropped McCain down a Well, so that he couldnt split the Republican and Independent Ticket between himself and Bush.

    McCain could have beaten Bush in 99 had he not faced a concerted attack by the Divine Right King Makers–. He had a more impressive Military Record, he Is still a much better orator, he has no speech impediments, he isnt smug, and he has an impressive understanding of our governmental processes through professional experience. McCain in 99 did appeal to a Joe Six Pack but it wasnt the dumbass couch potatoe Joe Sixpack. It was the Military Vet Joe Six Pack, pragmatic farm people, small business owners, and his performance in the Congressional Hearings regarding the Air Force Academy Rape Scandal also won him a lot of support from Female Military Vets and Feminists–McCain also used to be Pro Choice.

    So the Wingnuts this time around didnt trust him at all. It was a surprise that he got the nomination, and I suspect it was because of his military record that put him over the other RNC candidates. But Palin is what won him the solid NeoCon vote, but you are right it was also her that lost him the moderate independents.

    And I still see him as doing that on purpose. He took the party down. Here is a POW who has had to serve under a moronic president rich boy who shirked his duties in the same period of time, McCain was in the Hanoi Hilton. A man who stood for the polar oppposite of the things that McCain Stood for, which as a Vet was to protect the constitution, not gut it, a free America not an Orwellian or Atwoodian Nightmare.

    McCain snookered the WingNuts that screwed him in 99. And he used their own Values Voter, Shrill, Apocalyptic, Snake Dancing, Kerosene drinking image to do it. When the rest of America was insulted repeatedly by Palin’s insistent on pointing out WHO was really a TRUE American, and then leaving the rest in the cold, when her record was shown to be that she tries to ban books, that she is vindictive, wants loyalty oaths, and trumps up her experience with misrepresentations of her state’s Geographical importance, her daughter was a walking talking poster child for the fruits of abstinence only instruction {pun intended} while she basically threatened the female half of America with taking away whats left of their reproductive freedoms, and she did it all in a fake Upper accent, that was only slightly less anoying than Bush’s Nukiler pronouncements.

    McCain helped the RNC hang themselves with their own rope. And Palin was that Rope.

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