State of the comics: picking up the pace just a tad

I sent these to DFG to do colour flats the other night:

Page 11 of the epilogue to Invasion
Page 11 of the epilogue to Invasion

Character art for Agni the Messenger witch
Character art for Agni the Messenger witch

The Invasion page was drawn over just two evenings after work, which is fast compared to how things have been in the past year and a half. This increase in speed does come at a price though: I haven’t been running for almost two weeks, and haven’t seen the inside of the gym in almost three. I can feel my stomach expanding and my muscles atrophy as I sit here. Still, I’m going to go on like this for a little longer; while running and other forms of exercise give me a nice bit of short term stress relief and a nice little high, I have concluded that if I overdo them, they contribute to my longer-term stress by taking so much time out of my schedule that I don’t have time to work on my projects. I feel bad and not in control of my own life and my time when I don’t get my art out on a regular basis.

There are four projects that have now gone on for multiple years:

  1. King Groy: the long-awaited rewrite of an old Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan story that I was so unsatisfied with that I didn’t want it on my website. Last re-incarnated as my NaNoWriMo novel, which is dead in the water at 30,000 words. I will finish this in some form or another, probably as an illustrated, serialized online novel. Project started in 2006.
  2. Muscle: a collaboration with Adam Cuerden, based on an idea I had in late 2004. Kind of dead since 2006, but recently I have gone back and worked on a cast drawing I promised Adam more than a year ago.
  3. Feral: Comic in progress since September 2006, on hiatus for the past three months. In trouble because it evolved so much from my original conception that the original plot twist is no longer usable. I will get back on this next year, but it’s going to be a hard process that I need to focus on, so I’m hoping to get other stuff out of the way first.
  4. Invasion: In progress since February 2007 (actually, work started earlier but it first ran online that month) and likely to be the first thing I finish. I have three pages left to draw, and there’s a bunch of colouring/lettering/photoshop work that needs to be done. In an ideal world, I’d finish this after Feral because it features some permanent changes to the cast and world of ROCR, but from a practical point of view, it’s best that I get this one out of the way first so I have one project less nagging at me.
  5. This weekend, in addition to Christmas shopping, I will crank out at least one more page of Invasion and work on the art I promised Adam. I actually have a number of vaguely defined fresh projects dancing around in my head, but they’ll have to wait until I get at least two out of these four done.

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