State of the comic: some movement at last

We’ll finally have some new updates again, and they’ll be on the Chronicles of the Witch Queen website. Starting Monday, December 8, the Invasion series will update again, once a week on Mondays, hopefully until the storyline is finished, which should take 8 updates in total.

Feral is still in limbo. The day job is still taking up too much of my mental energy to do meaningful work on it. I hope to have some script for it ready after my next vacation, so there won’t be any updates until the new year.

There’s something else coming up, and it may not be all that significant to long-term Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan readers, but it’s still kind of significant to me: Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan Re-runs on Drunk Duck will reach its 500th update on December 12! That’s 500 daily installments without missing a day – clearly the secret to reliable updating is to have a 17-year buffer. For what it is, the re-run project is quite succesful too – it gets three-digit pageviews a day, which is good considering I don’t actively promote it and the contents have been available on other sites for years. It gets proportionally more response from the readers there than at the main site too, though this is largely because in the culture within the Drunk Duck community, commenting on a comic and awarding it five points out of five is the local way to say hi (it’s still appreciated, by the way – thanks all who commented). Perhaps more importantly, the project has kept me involved with the comic through the past 15 months, because even when I wasn’t drawing it, I still had to upload “new” installments, check if things updated properly and read the comments. It’s been a beacon for me, a daily reminder that I have this comic and it’s unfinished. It’s a powerful thing.