State of the comic: on hard drives, Macs and Photoshop

Of course, within a day of me posting the previous message announcing that Invasion would be returning as a weekly comic, the hard drive on my PC gave up. And next week’s comic is still with DFG for colouring so I will need to finish it this week. Sod’s Law in effect.
Of course, I went to the nearest electronics store to buy a new hard drive as soon as I could, but (Sod’s Law in effect) I picked up what must have been the last IDE drive in the store when what I need is a SATA drive. So I’ll have to be going there again, only this time I’ll do some research first.
Meanwhile, I’ve been working on the comic for the 21st on the iBook using a Mac version of Photoshop 7. That actually works well despite the iBook being 3 1/2 years old and the files involved being pretty large. I’m impressed by the speed at which Photoshop works and the comfort level with the tablet. Interestingly, I had just been pondering buying a new production laptop, leaning towards a combination of a new MacBook and Photoshop CS 4. I’m within a few hundred Euro of being able to afford it… but it’d still cause me pain in the wallet. Especially Photoshop, whose price level is set at “Whatever we can bleed out of those suckers, it’s not like they’re going to run to the competition”. So it was with interest that I read about some rather poor user experiences Mac users have had with Adobe products in recent years: Adobe CS4: Yet another lousy Adobe installer and Macworld forums: Re: Adobe answers critics over CS3 and CS4 installer woes, both with extensive links and trackbacks to other sites criticizing the user experience on Creative Suite. Installers that fill your drive with crap are a big no-no and in this case the installer problem seems to be symptomatic of other problems with Adobe products on the Mac in particular. I’ve heard some not very nice things said about Adobe products other than Photoshop in the past year as well.
In any case, I won’t be getting Creative Suite, just Photoshop. But if it functions as poorly as that on a Mac, then that’s one reason for getting another Mac gone. The linked pages also mention some competition for Photoshop that might be worth checking out, such as Pixelmator. I tried that about a year and a half ago and it didn’t immediately floor me, but I didn’t exactly try it thoroughly, and in any case it might have evolved quite a bit since then.
Research will be key, though, lest I buy yet another piece of electronic kit that is not what I need.

Update: for more gripes against Adobe including its price gouging, DRM and bloated, overfeatured software, see Dear Adobe.