Lurching from one problem to another

I’ve got a new hard drive, and managed to buy a SATA drive this time. I’ve got Kubuntu linux Hardy Heron running, and because I’ve reinstalled Kubuntu so often during the past year due to repeated hardware failures, I’ve found the usual configuration hassles to be pretty bearable. So I’m all set to get back to business as usual, right?


Once Kubuntu was installed, I was initially pleasantly surprised at how fast it booted compared to what I’d got used to. Until I realised that part of the reason it booted so fast was that the SCSI initialisation got skipped in the process. The SCSI card in my machine is there to connect the A3 scanner. Since new A3 scanners are ridiculously expensive, I’ll be looking for a new SCSI card for it, in the hope that that will in fact fix the problem. It could be a number of different things and I can’t really test for any of them with just one functional desktop PC in the house.

Luckily, I won’t have to do any scanning in the next few weeks. Invasion updates are scanned for the next five weeks and all I have to do is finish them up. But it’s yet another hurdle to getting Feral back on track. And it’s more expense just keeping this system going. I guess I should start a hardware fund and put a hundred Euro or so in it every month. Don’t know if I can manage that on top of what I already save… not without seriously tightening the belt anyway.

In more positive news… I’ve figured out how to make a sidebar appear in individual blog pages… that was rather easy. I can’t remember or easily tell what the original source of the solution was but it involved very minor changes in the template code. Now the sidebar’s more or less consistent across pages, shows more of what’s in the blog to people coming in from search engines, and shows the two ads everywhere. Win.