Leaving for Christmas with Aggie

In less than five hours, I’ll be heading for the United States to spend Christmas and New Years’ Eve with Aggie. This vacation will be different from the last three because I’ll be taking my parents with me and they’ll spend ten days with Aggie and me, Squirrel, Badger, Pyewacket, Dagmar and the many domestic animals that live in her yard. All the signs point to it being the best Christmas ever.

Comics will get posted automatically, and we have internet at Aggie’s place – I’m bringing the iBook as well, which she now refers to as my electronic titty. I will scan the latest pages at her place, pass them on to DFG for colouring, and possibly even get them processed and ready to post from there. Stranger things have happened.

I’ll probably be in touch – if not, merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you!