While I was away, Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan was written up in Smashing Magazine’s list of 50 outstanding comics from all over the world, along with European greats such as Tintin and Asterix the Gaul and American greats like Calvin and Hobbes.

To be honest, like every list of this kind, it’s pretty arbitrary and there are many comics that deserve it more, but I’m honoured and grateful for the acknowledgement and the boost to my readership. Thanks guys!

For some reason, the list was mirrored at I Can Has Happy, which has also been sending many readers my way. It looks like that blog entry has been copied wholesale with only a “via” acknowledgement instead of full credit, but plagiarized or not, it does seem to have a large number of readers so I’d like to welcome people coming in from both blogs to the comic.

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