Running, exercise and joint pains

Since my last physical peak in October, I’ve kept up with running but let other forms of exercise fall by the wayside a bit. I’ve not been to the gym since back then. As a result, I’ve lost a bit of muscle strength and gained a bit of belly fat. This is not the end of the world, except that I’m too cheap to buy a set of wider pants.

What has been bothering me, though, is that over the past two weeks, I’ve had to deal with joint pains that flare up a day or two after training with my running club, which are bad enough to make it hard for me to walk for a day to a day and a half. I don’t think these are directly caused by running; rather, they’re a seasonal, temperature-related inflammation. I’ve had to deal with these before though I’ve previously only had them in my hands. The pains, in different locations each time so far, do flare up after running and sometimes last long enough to make it impossible to go to the next training.

So instead of running last Wednesday, I went to the gym today for a light workout – cycling, elliptical trainer, some easy weight training, nothing that strains the joints. I’ve also made an appointment for next Tuesday at six o’clock to discuss how to train during a flare-up. I expect I know what the answer is going to be: short, easy and frequent workouts with low impact, maybe 45 minutes every day at a level that doesn’t require recovery. But we’ll see. To be continued…