Two fun fantasy webcomics

I discovered not one but two very promising fantasy webcomics today: The Meek, and Lumia’s Kingdom.

The Meek has fantastic art and lovely colouring and reminds me a bit of Zander Cannon’s The Replacement God. At only six pages into the story, it could go in a lot of different directions, but from the commentary, the creator has thought about the concept for a long time and has put a lot of work into character and concept art prior to starting on the comic proper. That is a good sign.

I instantly liked the title character of Lumia’s Kingdom. Her attitude reminds me of Kel’s in a lot of ways, including the bit of quick thinking in a crisis. The art is not as pretty as The Meek, but it’s more than serviceable.

I’ll be following both comics in the next few months, though I’ll hold off on putting them on the front page list until I’ve seen more of their stories unfold.