On closure, and new beginnings

In the comments to last week’s Invasion episode on ROCR.net, reader TuuronTour asks:

Is this storyline going to be the final end of ROCR? I get the feeling everything is being wrapped up to get our rogue’s a well-earned “and they liveth long and happily”.

Tuur is almost right: the ending to Invasion doesn’t so much wrap everything up as set things up so that I have the largest number of possibilities open. It’ll be a while before the world will see a sequel to Invasion, but when I decide, in a year or so, to pick up where I left, I can treat the next story as essentially a new series, with a new cast of characters: Tamlin, Ragnarok, Atra, Jake, Owen, Hildegard, and… one more, with their offspring. It won’t be necesary for new readers to learn the backstory – this new lot will be the gang. Older readers will still enjoy the similarities and differences between, say, original Atra and rejuvenated Atra, or be able to see the Tamlin-Ragnarok dynamic in the light of the dynamic that there used to be.

Or… I might scrap that plan altogether, bring Kel and Jodoque back a few years down the line, fast-forwarding to the year 1010. Either way works for me.

Before then, though, I will work on the three remaining stories set in the “old” ROCR universe: Feral, King Groy and Muscle. I am now writing material for Feral and while the first batch of new writing came out as drivel, there are some salvageable elements in it that should get the story moving again. I expect to be taking a few weeks off before I get around to posting any new comics though, and when I do, they will almost certainly be irregular again.

There’s also the possibility of a spin-off comic set in the Wodeskog, based on the faerie village and what else might be living there. That’s another thing that may or may not happen though.

Next: one more digital drawing. It’s an inked version of the penciled character drawing of Aleas I did some six months ago:

Aleas inked digitally
Aleas inked digitally