No update this week but next week is pretty assured

Now that Invasion is over, I’m switching back to the Feral storyline, so that’ll be coming back soon. Unfortunately, I’m still strapped for time and the switch involves writing a lot of new material before I can even start drawing, so it’ll be a while before new updates start coming. I’m aiming for new updates to start on a weekly basis on Monday, February 23, 2009, though.

They’ll be some changes to the process again. I’ll be doing things mostly digitally for a while, at least until I’ve got the A3 scanner working again. Penciling is still done on paper, but Aggie has challenged me to come up with a comics page that’s done entirely in digital media before she does. Sounds like fun!

In short, new comic on Monday the 23rd. Hopefully, I’ll have the whole story in the bag before the end of the year.