Some more fun fantasy comics

I’ve been running a low-cost advertising campaign on Project Wonderful recently, and I’m finding some interesting comics in my referrals as a result:

North World is one that I’d seen before. I’m a sucker for styles like that – an effortless blend of American comic strip and European juvenalia. I also love the concept of sword and sorcery fantasy in a modern setting and with modern dress.

Heliothaumic, on the other hand, mixes contemporary and period settings freely. It has a cute style and looks interesting with a unique approach to figure drawing. I haven’t archive-dived it yet, but will do when I’ve got a little more time.

Curvy is the weirdest of them all and the one that generated the most buzz in a short time. I briefly looked at it when it started, thought “this is interesting” and filed it away for future archive-diving. It appears to update frequently, so I’d better get a move on.

All three to be added to my Belfry account (how about creating public profiles, guys? After 12 years, it’s about time you got around to doing that!) and my giant link list.