No heroics, please

This week, I had a cold. I stayed in bed for two days and am beginning to think that when I got back to work on Thursday, it was really too early as I don’t think I was mentally up to scratch. It’s been my opinion for a long time that people who are sick with short-lived contagious illnesses that temporarily addle their brains should not try to be heroic, and I think I kinda broke that rule. Not that everyone else didn’t already have stinking colds anyway.

This YouTube video (embedding has been disabled) shows Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan trying to be a hero while under the influence of a stinking cold, on live television and doing terrible damage to his reputation in the process. Don’t be like him.

This YouTube vid, shot after a gig in São Paulo, explains why he carried on through over a week of looking, sounding and feeling like death warmed over:

I do admire the entire band’s commitment to carrying on no matter what, and what could be more rock and roll than playing a whole gig bleeding from your crotch? But I don’t think it worked out well this time.