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  1. SEC, you’ll see that I post here a lot more than Adam does. His posts here are clearly marked as such (if he forgets to mark them, I fix this for him). I do not check Adam’s posts prior to posting, nor does he check mine.

    If you look at the link he posted, you’ll see that the Skeptic’s Circle is a weekly collection of links. I think the problems that people have with Adam’s posts, which have been largely about the tone of his writing, will be much diminished in that format.

    Also, it’s something you can influence by submitting links.

    Adam: how about this one: http://well.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/04/02/the-ideology-of-health-care/ “As Washington debates health care reform, emergency room physician Dr. David H. Newman explores how medical ideology often gets in the way of evidence-based medicine.” Turns out that a lot of non-alternative medicine isn’t all that evidence-based either. Who’d have thunk?

  2. By the way, Seeing Eye Chick – your Website link goes to a non-existing blog. You have two blogs, one of which is invite-only. Should I edit your recent comments so they point to the other one?

  3. I’d prefer to have submissions that people wrote themselves.

    Also, I haff a plan! A cunning plan!

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