Not too sure about this digital thing

I’m not sure if I should go on with the experiment in digital work. The latest update turned out better than the previous one (though there may still be changes to the colouring) but it took forever to make, was not a lot of fun and I still don’t have a good working process for digital inking. As a result, pretty much every procedural decision I made while working on it turned out to be wrong, and once again a lot of time was wasted. I’m not that happy with the result either; being better than the March 16 update is an awfully low bar to clear, especially with four weeks between the two updates. I think next update, I’ll be definitely going back to inking on paper and setting aside enough time to do it all properly. Having Easter Monday off from work should help with that.

On the other hand, Aggie hated the switch to digital when she got started on it, and is now getting much more comfortable. Maybe all it needs is more time and practice.

In the longer term, I’m concerned about my ability to keep a big-production comic like this Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan storyline going in my spare time from work. Perhaps I need to do a simpler comic that I can write and draw in two hours per episode and that doesn’t put such demands on me. I’ve been developing some ideas during the last working week (time I don’t normally spend on regular ROCR anyway because it tends to come in two-hour blocks) and will be posting some sketches as Vote incentives on Topwebcomics next week. To be continued….

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