The Turniproots, by Aggie Janicot

Old Mother Turniproot and Morgan Turniproot, drawn by Aggie
Old Mother Turniproot and Morgan Turniproot, drawn by Aggie. Click for full view

Aggie sent me these sketches of the Rogues of Clwyd-Rhan characters Old Mother Turniproot and Morgan, Old Mother’s great-great-granddaughter. She told me she’d looked at the old woman and thought through how her face might work in real life – the way the shape of the skull changes with age and how not having teeth affects the overall look of the face. Me, I just drew a stereotypical Very Old Person—as I will probably never draw her as she was in her younger years, all I needed was a basic awareness of what supercentenarians typically look like, and even that could be heavily cartoonised.

I’m every bit as impressed with her interpretation of Morgan: that right there looks like a real person! Aggie actually had a hand in her initial design: I was going to make her look like her sister Marion, but she suggested a body type for her that I rarely use: tall and willowy, with a small chest and narrow hips. It worked.