Skeptic’s Circle? Damned if I know

If you’re awaiting the Skeptic’s Circle that was planned for yesterday, it’s been delayed. I don’t know for how long; I spoke to Adam last night and he told me he’d arranged for it to be postponed, but he didn’t mention any specifics. In any case, there’s no draft for it in the WordPress back-end either. As I’m at work right now, my opportunities for communicating with him are limited and I’m only allowing myself to post this so I can keep you informed.

Adam, any chance of you just posting the links in a minimalist form? Reducing the effort-per-update has got me out of many sticky situations as both a blogger and a webcartoonist, after all.

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  1. Sorry, I don’t have them. I can dig out maybe one or two out of the comments to the announcements, but that’s it as far as my ability to take over goes. And I’d have to do that late in the day as I’ll be coming home from work late.

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