This is not the Skeptic’s Circle post…

… but as the real thing is two days late already and I’ve not heard from Adam about what his plans are, I’ve decided to post the links that were placed in comments to his calls for links or that were sent to me by mistake. Last time we spoke, Adam did say he got more of them in through the e-mail address he posted,, which he created especially for the event and which I don’t have access to (I didn’t ask him for access).

Bryan W/a ‘y’ at Science. Why not? discusses a study of the alleged health benefits of spirituality. He does not think various claims about the benefits of churchgoing, improved brain activity from meditation and the usefulness of intercessory prayer hold up.

Andrew at Evolving mind looks at a large Chinese study of the benefits of vitamin supplementation, described in Science Daily, and believes there’s something there but let’s not get over-enthusiastic as the subject is very complicated and there’s some bad news as well.

Kay at Perhaps we Learn is unimpressed by a study of people’s reaction to witnessing physical pain versus emotional pain, arguing that it is too small, poorly designed and some of the premises don’t seem to be right in the first place.

That’s it – sorry for keeping the descriptions short and not engaging with the topics in any way. I’m just posting them in case people were waiting. The real Skeptic’s Circle post will come … soon, I hope.

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