10 replies on “Caption Contest”

  1. “This isn’t a hawaiian vacation! This isn’t a hawaiian vacation AT ALL!”

  2. I knew you were long and scaly, but where’s you get those big brown eyes?

  3. “Get your dripping fangs off me, you damn’ dirty snake!”

    … because that’s what’s supposed to be happening here. For realz. You can look it up. Am I clever or what? w00t

  4. I’ll throw in one of my own
    “Loki hadn’t expected the dominatrix to be quite so scaly, but he was getting used to the idea.”

  5. “For God’s sake, man, they got the wrong guy! I don’t even look like him! Loki’s a scrawny little bugger! Get me out of here!”

  6. “Why does it have to be a snake?!” thought Loki, writhing in dread at the sight of the approaching serpent. All of a sudden, having a vulture tear away at your eternally regrowing liver seemed jolly good fun in comparison. Some demi-gods just always get the better deal.

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