Mac things I’ve found useful lately

Mac Boot Key combos
Install & Boot OS X Leopard from a USB Flash Drive.

If you ever need to do a salvage operation after you’ve left your Time Machine disk on another continent for a month or two, these two articles will come in very handy. I think I’ve got everything now, so it’s time to wipe and reinstall my normal configuration.

Afternoon update: Salvage and restore now completed – whatever I didn’t rescue from that drive is now gone. Conclusions:
1. Late 2008 MacBook hardware is unreliable, rickety and prone to overheating.
2. However, there seems to be no permanent damage to the drive. I could restore to the hard drive I already had.
3. Time Machine is useful but is not the saviour of back-up and restore as I previously thought. I had a hard time importing from it and eventually gave up and imported from my external emergency disk (which was itself imported from Time Machine; funny that) instead.

Now I can at least scan my next update. That means I’d better go finish drawing it.