High Wide & Handsome – New Loudon Wainwright III album on August 18

Just one year after “Recovery”, Loudon Wainwright III has another album in the pipeline, and it’s another project-oriented record, based on the life and career of old-time North Carolina banjo picker Charlie Poole. It’s called High Wide & Handsome and there’s some video documenting the project and highlighting the songs on the project’s website. As you can see, he’s brought the whole family in – while I don’t like everything that all of them have done, there’s no denying that his ex-wife and offspring are a fantastic talent pool.

This is one record I’m gonna snap up unheard when it comes out. Loudon has been on a very strong streak in the past four or five years, and from what I hear in the video’s, this record, too, should be a goody.