Simple answers to simple questions: Wingnuts and Obama’s health care plan

Steve Benen at the Washington Monthly gets a question in his e-mail and passes it on to his readers:

So why are far-right activists so apoplectic? Why would people who stand to benefit from health care reform literally take to the streets and threaten violence in opposition to legislation that will help them and their families? President Obama supports an approach to health care reform that emphasizes competition and choice, doesn’t increase the deficit, and wouldn’t raise middle class taxes … and conservatives are comparing the plan to the Nazi Holocaust?

Because every last one of them has a mental age of fourteen.

This has been another edition of “Simple answers to simple questions”*). If you want a longer, more nuanced answer, go to Benen’s post linked above, but honestly, this one fits the facts as well as anything he says.

*) which is a formula that I’ve been told can be credited to Atrios. I dunno. Everyone and their dog is using it.

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  1. I received an email from a friend that included a National Review Online (NRO) article written by Stephen Spruiell. The article compares a failed hospital on Maui (Maui Memorial Hospital) with Obama’s health care plan, the contention being that a state run hospital’s dismal failure proves that Obama’s proposed plan will fail the same way.

    Has anyone read this article and/or diagnosed it’s overall accuracy or it’s relevancy to Obama’s health care plan? Personally, I don’t think it’s ay all relevant because I have not heard anything in Obama’s plan about the government running any hospitals.

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