Torchwood quality shocker!

For the first two seasons, Torchwood was my favorite bad series: it sucked, but I still enjoyed watching it because Eve Myles and her Welsh accent are super sexyof the ambition on display and the interesting ways in which it failed.

Not this year. The 5-hour miniseries Torchwood: Children of Earth is really good, tense, bleak, well-performed and very compelling to watch. I watched the first episode last night and had to watch the rest of it today. Fantastic stuff, well worth spending five hours on.

And the kicker? Russell T. Davies wrote it. The man never ceases to amaze me. He’s capable of both awesome and awful stuff. This time around, he delivered the goods, with great, compassionate characterisation and tight plotting.

2 replies on “Torchwood quality shocker!”

  1. I liked the civil service story line. And I liked a lot of the Torchwood stuff, but I found that part overshadowed by his decision to fridge Ianto and turn Jack into a giant woobie magnet. Also the two story lines didn’t quite work together for me

  2. I had a completely different take: while I wanted to like it, by the end of the 4th episode I wanted to throw things at the TV screen. While Dr. Who is frequently unrealistically utopian, this went the opposite direction and was unrealistically dystopian. What really had me wanting to hit the TV was the “making of” show where Mr. Davies was pontificating on how more “realistic” Torchwood was. The plot of this series was full of holes (e.g. why can’t Lanto find the car with all that software? yet they can easily track to which secret military base Jack was taken). The thing that bugged me the most: WHERE do most soldiers go to school? Think about the implications…

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