Art from 1998: Cast art for Mana Tracers

Aphid the non-nude pixie - two character drawings from 1998
Two character drawings for a comic I worked on in 1998, called Mana Tracers. It was supposed to be captioned strip like I the ROCR storyline The Corby Tribe that I would work on three years later. It floundered because I couldn’t spare time from working on ROCR (which at that time was not a webcomic) and the other projects I had going, on top of a full-time job I got started on in September with a one-hour commute. Also, I had no confidence in my ability to write prose fiction in English at the time. I still managed to get 23 episodes drawn and every once in a while I tell myself I should do something with those episodes…. as I’m trying to get some sort of closure on the period in my life that will be ending soon, I just might. Maybe. Possibly.