Groceries, week of September 12.

Total grocery bill at the supermarket: € 14.70.

Changes in behaviour: the third week into my scheme to keep the groceries budget ultra-low, I found myself keeping a running tally of the prices of the items I picked out in my head. Cool; I’ve never been able to do that. I also gave myself some extra exercise by getting down on my knees and picking the super-cheap items from the bottom shelves.
And I am betting better at making choices: I needed cheese, so I couldn’t have chips or nuts. Snacking will consist entirely of fruit this week. I managed to make this choice even though I went to the supermarket slightly peckish. I also forewent organic veggies this week as I couldn’t afford the premium on the ones I wanted. Still kinda miffed about the supermarket not stocking any kale yet – I’d have had to go to the farmer’s market for that. I got andyves instead. Yum.

The budget experiment only applies to groceries, just like in 30 bucks a week. It does not apply to eating or drinking out, which I’ll do a lot of this week. There’s Sunday’s contribute-two-Euros-and-eat-with-me group dinner at Sidsel’s, a restaurant dinner at Mechoui on Tuesday (pricey for me but worth every penny) and today I’ll be going for a 10 K run out of town as part of a relay team, which means I’ll probably eat fast food and drink beer afterwards, sitting downwind of the other eaters. That together should wipe out the rest of the money I made selling my drawing board this week.

Speaking of which, I love having the extra space in my bedroom, and I love having the extra € 100 in my pocket, but I do kinda regret selling it. I hadn’t used it in years (there was another drawing board in the last studio I was in, which I had already given away) but I did have a sentimental attachment to it. But sentimental attachments don’t pay the bills and there was no way I was going to ship such a large unwieldy thing to the US, so it had to go, and at least it’s going to a good home.