Groceries, 26-9-2009, plus turntable woes.

Today’s grocery bill: about € 13.50 – I managed to lose the receipt. The lowest figure so far and most of that was made up from coffee. Without the need to feed my coffee addiction and my preference for Fair Trade coffee which the supermarket now only sells in duopacks, the bill would have been about € 10. I do think this proves it is possible to live very cheaply indeed if you manage your pantry well; I’ll be shopping the pantry all week because I want it to be empty come October 17 when I go back to the US.

Other expenses: € 7.50 for a new belt for my turntable. It was starting to get whiney from wow/flutter even though I hadn’t had the old belt for very long. The turntable store gave me a noticeably shorter belt this time, suggesting that I’d try it and return it if it was too short. It fits well, plays well and has reduced the whine. I think they gave me the wrong size the last time around, because the belt I showed them then was more stretched out than we realised, and the recent use has pulled the belt I got then over the threshold where it was unable to keep the turntable going at the correct speed. I may need to redo some of my ripping projects starting with the most recent ones and going back until I’m sure everything sounds OK.

I have already decided that a large portion of my vinyl will be getting shipped to the US. It’s something I don’t want to sell; indeed I feel like adding to the collection now.