Gallery fundraiser for Yonaka!

My friend and sometime collaborator Yonaka Yamako has her eye on a property near her home in Fort Valley, Georgia to turn into a studio gallery in which she can show her own work and that of other artists to the public and hopefully help breathe some life back into the town. To raise the $ 20,000 she needs, she is (among other things) selling her artworks and craft items, including prints, original pencil art, felt dolls, hand-carved crochet hooks and other carved items, textiles and jewelry (no category listing but this is an example. Yonaka’s hooks are particularly highly prized and she has hooks in museums and collections around the world.
Prices aren’t listed with the art at the links above, but she does tell me that she’s planning to sell out her inventory for this, so whatever is not sold is for sale. She needs to get the money together in the next few weeks, and while she’s been planning for the event for some time (see this post on DeviantArt), she’s been taken by surprise by this opportunity so she’s in a bit of a rush. She tells me she is also open to commissions, within reason, and as someone who has some of her work in his own art collection I can tell you her art is well worth paying for (see Krakatoa with riding crop, Ottar and Norla in my fan art section, though I have more.)

If you are in the market for some art in any of the categories above, or would like to commission some art for your wall or for publication in one form or another, please take some time to check out Yonaka’s work at She’s got some beautiful stuff in there that you’ll just want to have.