Groceries and tenthousandaire status

Before I forget: Grocery expenses on Saturday totaled €23 – more than in the past month but I decided to relax the standards a little. Which is just as well because I found out on Sunday that I’d lost 4 pounds in a week. The good news there is that I’m now back at the weight at which I ran the 4 Mijl van Groningen last year in time for this year’s event. The bad news is that 4 pounds in 7 days, without any fresh changes to my diet (and indeed with less training than last week in order to recover from my latest running/walking adventure, is a scary amount of weight for me to lose in one week and may have had something to do with why I hadn’t been feeling that great last week.

I didn’t know that on Saturday but I let myself spend a bit more because on Friday, I had looked at my bank account and realised that I’d become a tenthousandaire for the first time in my life. my assets (cash only – nothing else I own is worth much of anything) exceeded ten thousand Euro. And me at only 38! Clearly I have a bright future ahead of me. Of course, on Saturday afternoon came a notice from the rebates division of the tax authority informing me that yes, now that I’d mentioned it, they do really want those rental subsidies paid out over the year 2009 back, and they want them within the month. That’s a thousand Euro, putting my assets back into the four-figure category and making my membership of the upper crust very short-lived indeed. But at least, thanks in part to a month of enforced frugality, that repayment will be relatively painless.

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