4 Mijl results not so good

29:37… 3/4 minute slower than last year. Then again, almost everyone in my team was considerably slower than last year, by a similar margin. Perhaps it was the damp, chilly weather, perhaps it was that everyone was dressed for even damper, chillier weather. Whatever the cause, it’s a bit of a dampener on a great running season for me.

This year, I did 5 competitions in total, including one in May that I forgot to write up. Or if I did, it got lost in the blog’s categorisation. That was a 7K in Groningen, the Nacht van Groningen and my time there was nothing to write home about: 32:40.7 net. I had to bail out of a competition in Manchester, Tennessee because Aggie’s cat, Pyewacket, had to be taken to an emergency vet in Murfreesboro, and I couldn’t get to the starting line on my own steam. I hope I have better luck this fall.

In all I trained less this year but compensated in competitive miles. That’s more expensive to do but I do enjoy it a lot. Before this year’s 4 Mijl, I was getting a little fed up with running, which may be another part of the reason I didn’t do all that well. But I still got a big buzz out of taking part and in a month or so, I’ll get the itch to do it again. For now though, it’s time for a break.